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Language and Region settings

When setting up a website, managing and customizing your zone and location is very important, especially if you have an online store. You need to use the right measurement standards, the right language, and the right time zone.

Set up your Language & Region 

To access the language & region settings all you have to do is follow these steps: 

  1. Go to the home menu, then go to settings, and click on General.
  2. Scroll down to the selected settings and start making changes. Below you’ll find the details regarding each setting. 
  3. Click Save and publish your changes.

And that’s how you can set up your language & region settings.

The settings to customize 

Find the description and the steps to do to customize the setting below: 

  • Site language: By default, your website is set to English, but you can always select the language you want your website’s built-in text to be in. You’ve got three language options to choose from: Hebrew, English & Arabic.
  • Timezone: Your website is set by default to UTC+0 as it is the universal timezone, but you can always choose the timezone of your choice by clicking on the drop-down menu and selecting the timezone you want.
  • Date format: You can choose which date format you want your date to show up on your website. You’ve got 5 options to choose from.
  • Time format: You can customize how the time appears on your website by choosing from four different options.
  • Weeks start on: You can choose when your work week starts on by customizing this option with the dropdown menu.

Avoori online store general

If you’ve got an online store plan: 

To customize the country where you live, please go to main menu > settings > online store > general.

  • Store address: Enter the details of where your store is located by filling out the address, Zip code, country, and city.

avoori address

If you want to customize the measurement standards, then please go to main menu > settings > product > general.

  • Measurements:  If you have a store that has physical products, then you can customize their measurements by choosing the standards for weight and dimension. Business information settings

avoori measurement


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