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Manage and Edit My Website User Profile

Editing your user profile is really simple. Just access your menu and click on Users-> Your Profile. This is your personal area where you are able to edit configuration such as your name, email, password, and select some personal user preferences.

You can also add a profile picture and if you are feeling inspired, include a short biography to tell your visitors a little about yourself.

Pick your Personal Options

  • Syntax Highlighting: this feature allows to highlight bits of code that might contain useful information and make it easily recognizable in the middle of other text. If you want to disable it select the correspondent box.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts: you can use keyboard shortcuts to let you quickly navigate and moderate comments. Checking this box enables their use.
  • Language: pick the language you want to use on your Administration screen. It won’t affect the language your visitors see on the frontend, in other words, it wont change the language of your website. To change the language of your website, you may read this guide.

Add Your Contact Information

In this area, you may include your contact information, such as your first and last name, nickname, email, and website. Only the nickname and email are required fields.

Include a Bio and a Profile Picture

Set/Reset your Password

Finally, you have a section to change your password and log out from other sessions. If you click on the Generate Password you get an automatically generated new password that you can choose to accept or change by simply writing your own on inside that field.

Select the Log Out Everywhere Else to log out of all other devices, such as a public computer or your tablet.

Update your Profile

Remind yourself to click on the Update Profile button to save your changes and you’re done!

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