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Open Business Information settings

When having an online business or online store, the first thing you’ll have to think about is adding some business information to help your customers learn more about what you do, where you’re located, and more.

To open Business Information settings:

  1. Go to home menu, click setting, and then go to online store. 
  2. Go ahead and customize your business information in order to make the changes you need. You can check down below to see how to customize each setting.
  3. Click save and publish all your changes.

avoori online store

Settings to customize 

You can customize each of the options below: 

  • Contact phone number: If you have a phone number that you’re using to let your customers call you and contact you, then you can add it here.
  • Contact email: You need to enter an email address where you’ll be contacted by the website if anything happens on your website from submissions to people wanting to contact you.
  • Address: If you have a store that has multiple locations, then it’s recommended to use your headquarters as your main location. 
  • When works starts: By entering which starting day of the week your stores open on, go to settings > general and customize “week starts on”. 
  • Business hours: Customize when your business opens and the hours of your work.

general settings

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