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Organising Website Form Submissions

A form is a very effective way to get information from your visitors. They can get in touch with you and send you valuable information.

The page designer allows you to create a form and save all the answers on the backend. These can then be sent to Zapier through the integration submenu.

Create a Form and Check All Entries

You can add a contact form to your page using the Insert module option. The visitors will see a very simple and elegant contact form submission in an easy to use interface.

Every-time someone answers to your form on your website, your Forms Entries will be updated. You can check all the answers by navigating to the menu and selecting Forms-> All Entries.

Under the Read column, you will be able to check if the form has been already read or not.

Export your Form Submissions

You also have the option to export your form entries in a CSV format, going to Forms-> Export. This might come in handy if you need to treat large amounts of data entries or use it outside the website.

Integrate Form Submissions with Zapier

The contact form module accomplishes its objective really well, with a really simple interface. Sometimes you might want to use the contact form submissions information for some purposes, as for instance, sending a welcome email or a newsletter to all respondents, from another service, outside of Avoori.

Enters Zapier. It’s a service designed to connect various applications in an automated way. In this case, you would be able to send that welcome email or add every new contact to your newsletter list without any effort. All you need is to set your Zapier account and connect it to the page designer, by going to Forms-> Integrations.

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