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Pages and Content Basics

Building pages on Avoori is now as easy as ever with the help of your main menu and with the help of your admin dashboard. Pages help your website look more organized and help your visitors quickly find what they need.

But, before you start creating your own pages, you first need to know that there are different types out there. Here are the ones you need to know:

  • Landing pages that serve as cover pages 
  • Single-page sites that serve as cover pages 
  • Index pages that are there to help you organize your content 
  • Layout pages where you can create custom content for your visitors 
  • Collection pages that have a special design and that serve specific purposes

Pages and blocks

Layout pages are what is usually used for contact pages, blog pages, and other pages where content is the most important. They’re there to help you display content like images, videos, maps, or texts in a beautiful customized way without any struggle or issue.  

Collection pages

If you have an upcoming event that you want to showcase or that you want to display in a set of images, posts, calendars, or list, then you need collection pages. Each collection page can serve a different purpose and can be displayed in a different form depending on what you need. 

Index pages

Index pages are what are usually used for pages and are the most common form. They’re there to help you organize your content in one single place even if it’s form different pages and is there to sum up every information you need and put it in one location.

Index pages usually are used for your homepage as it’s the one that is the most viewed by visitors and that is used to move to other pages and to learn more about your business.

Cover pages

Cover pages are usually pages that have an amazing design with attractive layouts that immediately catch your attention and they are used either for CTAs in order to make visitors take an action or are used for one-page sites where the information should quickly be absorbed by visitors. 

Organize content

In order to have a website that is easy to navigate, you need to structure your website really well and make sure that it highlights the most important content. 

  • Your navigation menu needs to include the most important pages on your website 
  • Your navigation menu needs to be there on every page so visitors can access it from everywhere
  • Use tags and categories to display your items 
  • Hide pages you no longer need by deleting them or by removing them from your navigation menu
  • Use external pages by linking to them on your navigation menu

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