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Selecting the right fonts and colors

A lot of elements make up for your whole website, and one of those elements if your fonts and colors. Fonts and colors are extremely important as they help you with your first impression and help with your website’s overall attractiveness.

If you still don’t know the basics of choosing the right colors and fonts for your website, then this guide will help you figure out the right design and vibe for your website. By following this guideline, you’ll be able to determine what you want your website to look like.


  • Match fonts to content


Your website’s overall vibe is the one that will help you determine which fonts to use for your content. Your fonts represent what your clothes represent to your personality. 

If your website is about girly topics and about feminine lifestyles and so on, then a feminine font would look best with it. But if your blog is about medieval content, then a basic font that is a bit old might look best for it.

Each and every font out there was designed to serve a purpose. One search on search engines will help you find out what each font is used for and what purpose it serves. 

You can start by first understanding what your website serves and what kind of content you’re going to offer. After understanding it, then look for who your niche is. Your niche is a great determining factor of what kind of fonts and colors you’re going to use for your website.

Once you find out your niche, it’ll become easier to choose the right font to match the theme you’re going for, for your website.


  • Find your rhythm


When choosing your principal font that you’re either going to use for titles and headings, it’s time to find your secondary font for your texts. Some fonts go so well together and pair nicely just like red wine and chocolate.

Some others don’t go so well together which is why you have to start experimenting with your fonts in order to find out which ones go well together, which ones are a better fit, and which ones simply don’t add up together. 


  • Create character through color


After choosing the right fonts and understanding what your website is about and the idea you’re trying to sell, choosing the right colors will be a piece of cake. Your colors need to match your website’s ideas and values.

If your website is about beachwear and summer outfits, then sunny colors and warm tones colors would match it best as it’s basically what your website stands for. If your website is about winter fashion, then darker colors would match your theme better. If your website is about nature, then earthy colors would fit better, and so on.

So, all in all, if you’re trying to choose the right color, first understand what your website is about. You can then check your competitor’s websites for inspiration in order to see what kinds of colors they use and the color palette they have.

Make sure to use colors that have a contrast in order to bring more attention to your website, but that also doesn’t clach. Make sure that the colors you use on your fonts don’t overpower the background and vise versa.

Each color needs to have its own independent existence on your website but that also goes well with other colors and coexist in harmony. That’s how you choose the right color palette. 

To get more inspiration, you can take a look at our list of templates and see the colors used on each one of them and how they all coexist in peace. You can choose a color palette from them that you like most or work from the inspiration you get from them.

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