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Using the Page Designer to Customize Pages

If you want to build an engaging website but don’t really like the idea of spending countless hours coding, the Page Designer is here to help with this!

The page designer is tailored for non-coders and coders alike. You can easily create an appealing web page with seamless customization of all its elements. All you need to do is to use the drag and drop feature and insert buttons, tables, bubbles, CTAs and more, as you see fit.

Moreover, the design quality is never hindered, no matter the devices it is used, as it ensures optimization to all types, responsively. Therefore you don’t need to worry about the device your visitors reach your web page from as the design transforms and becomes responsive on any device.

See the Changes Instantly as You Make Them

When you edit your pages you can promptly view them exactly as your visitors would. With the page designer everything is editable, so you can adjust contents, sizes, positioning, colors, etc., by merely clicking on the elements.

No dreary grid sections and complicated settings.

Unlike with backend builders, you don’t need to spend countless hours learning the settings and locating contents found in grid sections. The Page Designer provides an excellent user experience while making the process fun and intuitive. You can play with fonts and buttons, expanding and contracting sections and checking the changes on the go, live.

Adding Content is a Walk in the Park

To create new content, hover to the area you need to add the content in, and click on the ‘+’ button. You can include several sections, rows, and modules and customize their settings to your design style.

There are several different modules that you can add to the page depending on your needs. Between videos, CTAs, comment section, dividers, shops, sliders, and many more, there is a lot you can do.

The Four D’s: Drag, Drop, Duplicate and Delete

There are no constant grids, tables and blocks to fret about. All is editable and customized, and you can drag and drop your elements anywhere you like , if you wish to change their location on the page. If you nailed an element you’re one click away from duplicating it if you need. If you are not so sure about another, quickly delete it and get it out of your sight.

You can zoom out to get a better overview of your design.

To drag and drop a large section without having to scroll the page, you only need to zoom out the page. If you prefer to copy and paste, instead of drag and drop, easy-peasy: right-click on any element, copy it and paste it where you need it.

Widths and Heights are Easily Customized by Dragging

To change the width or the height (padding and margins) of a section or a row, all that’s required is to place your cursor over any side of the element and drag it to increase or decrease its size.

On the bottom, you can easily change the device view to see how your design looks and customize it accordingly. If you are a bit of an organization freak or just love mockups, you even have a wireframe view to look at how all your elements are ordered.

Undo, Redo and Restore

One of the most impressive features of the Page Designer is the ability to completely restore the history log, which translates into never losing anything. If you made a mistake or decided that you prefer your previous design, click on the editing history button. You can even go through your history logs to watch how your page transformed and to compare which variations you like the best.

Clutter-Free Interface with Inline-Editing

Besides not including fixed blocks, floating sidebars or disturbing overlays, there are many more examples of how simple it is to create your designs.

You can directly start typing when you click in a paragraph.

Just click in the text you want to edit and type. Yes, that easy! Add your desired style with the inline editor, applying custom fonts, colors, text alignment, and text sizes. You can also include links, H1-H5 headers, and lists.

The Perks of Responsive Editing

Responsive editing makes it very easy to build your website. You can switch between the different viewing options, desktop, tablet, and smartphone, to edit your page and make it functional in all responsive modes.

It’s Really Really Fast

When you add or change content, the page will update almost instantly, as there is no loading. The design doesn’t occur in the server but directly in your browser. This way you don’t ever have to refresh the page.

Explore, Create and Design the Way You Want

By now you are probably convinced by the magic behind the Page Designer and its powerful features. Designing is smooth as you can drag and drop elements, and add, reuse and delete them in seconds. There are not messy overlays and grids for you to worry about.

Check your changes as you make them and get delighted about the responsiveness of the interface. Jump at it now to see with your own eyes how time-saving and easy it is to use.

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