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Working with demo content

When creating an Avoori website, you’ll see that it comes with demo content to help you understand our main features and possibilities. You can use this guide to learn more about this demo content and pages and how to customize them on your website.

Before you start 

  • Your trial website can still be indexed on search engines and found even on day 1, if you don’t want that to happen, then please make sure to use the no-index tags in order to stop your website from being indexed. 
  • You can use images using stock photos from Unsplash to replace demo content.
  • You’d want to remove all demo content you have on your website before upgrading to a paid plan.

Understanding demo content

When choosing a template to create a website, the template has generic content and demo content to help you understand the features and possibilities of design and layouts. Our templates come with a set of photos and a gallery that is carefully created depending on the type of template and industry to help you design your website faster. 

You can use the demo content to help you understand your website and help you find out everything you want to do about your website.

Where to find the demo content

Your demo content exists all over your website through layouts and blocks.

By customizing each layout and each block of text or content, you’ll be able to get rid of the demo content and get yourself a full-fledged website. 

Avoori layout

Replacing demo content

Like it’s been said before, replacing your demo content is actually a piece of cake. You can click on your website’s pages by going to menu > pages > all pages and checking the ones that you want to customize on a deeper level.

You can customize each page and look for the block that has demo content, customize it, and edit it to get rid of it.

avoori editing

Deleting demo content

You can always delete demo content if you’re not happy with it and start from scratch.

To do so, please go over to menu >pages > all pages and hover over the pages you want to delete and click on the trash can icon.

You can delete all pages at once by creating a bulk action, selecting all pages, and clicking delete to get rid of them.

Switching templates 

If you switch templates on your Avoori website, your current demo content will be replaced with the demo content of the new template you chose. You can edit or delete the page as you wish since the demo content can always be generated if you re-choose the same template.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the demo content?

Legally speaking yes, you can use demo content as it serves for many uses including helping you create your website faster & efficiently. The content and images used are there to help you find inspiration and find the right layout and content for your website. But we do recommend you create your own content and choose the right images afterward to create a unique website.

We also recommend creating your own content in order to have a unique website with your own personal touch that speaks clearly about what you do.

Why do I have access to demo content?

You have demo content on your website in order to help you understand how websites are created and how to customize your website more easily. Starting with a website that has demo content makes it easier to create your website than start with a blank website. Your demo content also serves as an inspiration for where to put your content, images, and videos in order to create an aesthetically pleasing website.

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