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Working with Page Designer Layouts

The Page Designer has a feature that will make saving your designs easy and code-free: the Layouts.

With layouts, you can easily save your templates.

You can add modules, rows, sections to your pages and quickly save them to your layouts library. It’s then possible to change and reuse them, saving time if you need them later.

Check instantly how the page looks as you make a change.

The beauty of the page designer is that it makes it possible to work directly on the front-end. So you can immediately see how the changes to the design apply to the actualwebsite. Just add and remove the individual parts to the page and pick the colors, fonts, and sizes, checking how it looks without the need to go back and forth from the page.

How to Create Layouts?

Jump to your Avoori’s website dashboard to access your website’s main menu. At the Layouts section, you can explore the previously saved layouts and edit them. You can save all individual parts of the layout, as well as a complete pages, to your library. There are multiple combinations of settings that you can create.

Create and Change Sections

The settings for the sections of the pages are identified with a blue color. Go ahead and experiment with duplicating or deleting them, moving them around and changing their design. In just a few clicks you can effortlessly adjust the header’s background from a stylish architectonic design to a puppy one, just like that. When you’re ready to save it to the Layouts library, simply click the add to library icon.

Move the Rows as You see Fit

As with the sections, you can also add, move and edit the rows, shown in green. Pick one of the premade layouts that will structure your rows using more or fewer columns, depending on what you need for the specific section you’re adding the rows in.

Add Modules to the Page

The modules are the spices to this recipe. Shown in gray, your page would not be complete without adding some to the mix. The options range from accordions to videos, buttons, call-to-action, comment section and much more. The world is your oyster!

Save as Global

When you save an element to your Layouts library you can click the Save as Global checkbox to make the item global. This means that if you use the template on another page, if you choose to change it, the adjustments will be applicable to all the pages where you include it.

What Else Can You Do with the Layouts?

Just as with the sections, rows, and modules, there’s a menu of settings for the entire layouts library. You will find it on the bottom of the page, in purple.

Here you have the following options:

  • Load layouts from the Library
  • Save the layout you are working on to the Library
  • Clear the layout
  • Define page settings like the color palette and background and enable Split testing
  • Check the editing history
  • Import and export layouts

With the last option, you can export the layout you just made to use on other websites or to share with friends. The same way you can also import other layouts and replace your existing content.

Why Should You Use Them?

The main reason to use it is to say to goodbye to confusing template creation and welcome a hassle-free and fast layout design process.

Another benefit is the possibility to save everything you create to the Library, either individually, for a particular section, row or module, or saving the entire page for later use.

Let’s not forget about the portability advantages that come from the option to import and export layout from one website to another.

Have Fun With Your Creations

No more worrying about coding or complicated design tools. The page designer lets you create professional looking pages and layouts that you can save, edit, reuse or even resell to others.

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