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Avoori Newsletters Main Settings Page

The newsletters settings are found on your website admin. Browse to Newsletters > Settings menu at the left sidebar of your Avoori website.

You will see between 4 to 5 tabs, depending on your website plan, named General, Fields, Notifications, Advanced and Online Store. We will discuss each tab in detail. The following are the configuration options you get to edit for the Newsletters General tab.

General Tab

Subscribe in Comments

You can allow commenters to subscribe to your list when they post a comment on any your comment forms. If you want to enable this feature you need to check the given checkbox. With this option activated, you will have an easier time building a list, especially when you have engaging content. Just make sure you’ve taken the necessary steps to fight comment spam by activating the math capcha.

Subscribe in the registration form

Whoever registers to your website using the registration form can be additionally offered to subscribe to your newsletters list.

Signup Confirmation Settings

You have complete control over the signup subject, message, and reply-to content new subscribers receive when signing up to your newsletter.


The reply-to settings let you set a name and an email the subscriber can respond and reply back to. Usually, website owners do not want individual subscribers to respond back to these newsletters confirmation emails and therefore often use [email protected]. You can choose to use the name of your company or your personal one, depending on your business type and the attitude you want to give your new subscribers.

Email Subject

Most people keep it simple, for example “Confirm your subscription to XYZ website”.

Email Content

A signup confirmation email must include an activation link. So you can write a custom message to welcome a subscriber to the newsletter and ask them to click on the activation link as well. You can add an activation link in the following way.

[activation_link]Here appears the clickable link text. You may want to say Click here to confirm your subscription. You can edit the text as per your preference. The only important thing is to keep opening and closing activation tags as it is.[/activation_link]

Fields Tab

The fields tab allows you to add custom fields to your newsletter subscription forms. This way, you will be able to collect additional information about your subscribers and use segmentation or personal greetings based the information you collected.

To add new fields simply click on the “Add Field” button and insert the field name to be used to collect additional information.

You can then use the custom fields in the Newsletters Email Opt-in module in the Page Designer.

Notifications Tab

Stats notifications

You can receive notifications about the performance and statistics of your newsletters in 24 hours after the newsletter campaign was sent. Simply enter the email address that will receive the statistics update and choose the “Yes” option to activate the stats notification service.

New subscriber notifications

If you have a relatively new website, or simply happy to know about anyone who joins your newsletters list, you can enter an email address to get an email notification when someone subscribes to your list.

Advanced Tab

Manage Subscription Page

Whenever any of your subscribers click over “Manage your subscription” link, they will be redirected to a page to manage their subscription preferences. You can use a custom subscription page, simply place the Subscription management form is only available to mailing lists subscribers. shortcode on any page on your website.

Subscribers can choose from these lists:

You can directly write down the list names for which you want your subscribers to gain control. You can leave this field empty to display all lists.

Unsubscribe Page

In case of an unsubscribe page, you may use the following shortcodeLink to subscription management page is only available to mailing lists subscribers. to create a custom unsubscribe page.

Confirmation page

When your subscribers click on an activation link, they will be redirected to this page by default.

Archive Page Shortcode

You can create an archive page for your past newsletters. Simply paste this shortcode

to showcase all the previous newsletter campaigns you created. You can also leave this field empty to display all lists.

Shortcode to display the total number of subscribers

Following shortcode can be used 1,907 to display the total number of confirmed subscribers. You can leave the other field empty to display all lists or filter the shortcode to display the number of subscribers for a specific list only.

Online Store Tab

Subscribe Online Store Customers

You may choose to automatically subscribe your online store customers to your newsletters list. This way you can grow your list automatically for every purchased product by a unique customer. Its advised to make sure your terms of service and privacy policy cover it as some visitors would like to make sure they are notified before being added to a newsletters list.

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