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Choosing the Right Email Campaign for New Newsletters

Avoori Newsletters is an Email Marketing all in one solution to creating various types of email campaigns such as Newsletters, Welcome Emails, Latest Post Notifications, and Online Store Notices. Each campaign has a different purpose and we will discuss each in great detail in this guide.


With Avoori Email Marketing, you can choose to send a simple newsletter instantly or schedule it to be sent at a later time (at any date and hour in the future).

The major difference between other email types such as Welcome Emails and Post Notifications is that these are automatically sent without any manual setup action as these email types respond to a specific event and send an email whenever the event occurs.

The standard newsletters are most useful for sending individual and non-recurring emails to your subscribers. If you want to send a newsletter on a regular basis, be it weekly or monthly, you can use either a Welcome Email or Post Notifications email.

Welcome Email

As its name reflects, welcome emails are triggered at either one of the following cases:

  • When anyone subscribes to your list
  • Whenever a new website user is added into your website under any role

You can configure how soon you want to send Welcome Emails, either immediately or after a certain number of hours, days and weeks.

Welcome Emails also lets you create an automatic series of emails, one after another to be sent to a specific subscriber list.

Latest Post Notifications

In simple words, post notification automatically sends your latest website posts to your website subscribers. you may also be familiar with sending your recent posts from other services named Post2Email or RSS-to-Email.

You can send these notifications to subscribers immediately after the post has been published. Or you can choose to set the frequency for such type of campaigns. You can choose to send it once daily, weekly, monthly or at a specific time.

If you choose to send post notifications “Immediately”, the email newsletter will be instantly sent each and every time you publish a new post. If you happen to publish articles more than once, it’s recommended to keep the frequency to daily as subscribers may unsubscribe from lists that send them more than one email a day.

Online Store Notifications

These automated emails are designed for Avoori websites with the Online Store plan, allowing store owners to send emails according to certain events in the store.

  • Abandoned Shopping Cart  – Send an email to logged-in visitors who have items in their shopping carts but left the website without checking out. In general, it can convert up to 5% of abandoned carts.
  • Big Spender – Send an email to customers who have spent a certain amount to thank them, usually done with a discount coupon.
  • Purchased in This Category – Send an email to customers who purchase any product from a specific category.
  • First Purchase
  • Purchased this Product

Avoori currently supports two of these events and plans to support all 5 of these in the near future.

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