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Custom Unsubscribe Page for Newsletter Subscribers

The Unsubscribe Page appears to your subscribers when they click on the “Unsubscribe” link at the bottom of your newsletters. In some cases you may want to use a custom unsubscribe page to better match it to your target audience. It’s always a good idea to customize the look and feel of your website pages to improve the user experience.

Navigate to Pages > Add New, to add a new page. You can provide a custom title and edit the page with the Page Designer to customize it however you like, just keep in mind that this page is going to be your custom unsubscribe page.

It would not be a good idea to pitch a new product, or even to offer them to sign up for a different newsletter. You can only make it worse doing so. You would probably want to know what went wrong and why are they unsubscribing. In fact, it’s a good thing if someone unsubscribes if they wish to. Remember, quality is more important and beats quantity in all races. With that perspective in mind, we just want to ensure what went wrong. Was it because they were just not interested in the subject? If that’s so then we are all good. But if someone unsubscribes because they do not find the content worthy enough or maybe they upset about daily emails. We have a chance to get real-time insights, directly from subscribers who read our newsletters.

Don’t forget to add the shortcode Link to subscription management page is only available to mailing lists subscribers. to the page, that basically lets the subscriber manage their subscription status, in case if they have accidentally unsubscribed.

Most creative professionals put special effort to think of a creative way to display 404 (broken or not found) pages. So that it provides better experience and keeps bounce rate under control even if something goes wrong. In fact, a few sites have gone viral just because of their creative 404 pages.

The same approach should be taken to please your leaving subscribers. After all, there is a cost to get subscribers to subscribe to your newsletter. So you should give special attention to the message you show them when they unsubscribe.

For example, here are some title ideas. a title could be something along these lines, depending on your industry, business model or the general message.

  • Sorry to see you go….
  • We want to thank you so much for everything!
  • We could not have done it without you…
  • It hurts to see you leave, we hope you come back soon.

Once you finalized the content, you can publish the page.

Now browse over to Newsletters > Settings > Advanced tab.

You will see an Unsubscribe page section, where you will see a drop-down nearby.  Just select the custom Unsubscribe page you’ve just created from the given page options.

That’s pretty much it; click Preview to see how it will look for your subscribers. When you are done making changes, click Save Settings to make the changes live.

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