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Customize the Manage Subscription Page for Newsletter Subscribers

Have you ever wondered what happens when your subscribers visit the Manage Subscription page? Here’s what happens: Avoori Newsletters Email Marketing service provides a default page like this one to manage their subscription.

Using this page, your subscribers will be able to edit their subscription information. The information includes basic information, custom fields, if you have imported subscribers through CSV files or added new fields and their subscription lists. The only thing a subscriber cannot change is their email address. For that to happen, they will have to unsubscribe from the newsletter and sign up again with a different email address.

The page lets your subscriber edit the subscription status. By default, it would show a Subscribed status but if any of your subscribers unsubscribed for any reason, it would display Unsubscribed. They can choose to subscribe again if they wish so.

Additionally, they get to choose the Newsletter lists they are in.

As the Newsletter Owner, you can customize the Manage Subscription page by browsing Newsletters > Settings > Advanced tab and choose to create your very own Manage Subscription page that will replace the system page.

Customizing the Manage Subscription Page

Here’s how you can personalize and customize the “Manage your subscription” page.

First things first, browse to Pages > Add New to create a blank new page.

You don’t need to do much except write a Title such as “Manage Subscription” and edit the page using the Page Designer to add any content description or headings, for example “Edit your profile information, your status and manage your lists”. Any message in title and description that describes the purpose of Manage Subscription to subscribers does the job.

The most important step of all is to add the Subscription management form is only available to mailing lists subscribers. shortcode in the page contents. This shortcode dynamically adds the manage subscription options.

Once you’ve published the page. The next step is to browse to Newsletters > Settings > Advanced tab. You will see a drop-down in the Manage Subscription section where you will be able to choose the newly created page. You will see the title of your new page listed in the drop-down. Just select that page and you’re ready for preview!

Clicking on the Preview link will show exactly how your custom page will be visible to your subscribers. When you are done previewing and everything looks good. Do not forget to click Save Settings, so that all your changes and configuration is saved.

Congratulations! You have just created a custom Manage Your Subscription page.

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