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How to Use a Personal Email Address to Send Newsletter Emails

While using Avoori Newsletters for Email Marketing, it’s extremely important to keep a few settings in mind when sending emails. One of the most important things to keep in mind is that you cannot send emails using Avoori Newsletters Email Marketing using your personal Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook, AOL, ProtonMail, Zoho, etc. Basically, these free email service provider services that use [email protected]

In technical terms, you cannot include such an email address in the FROM address.


Glad, you asked! Well, there could be a few reasons:

  • Your emails might not be delivered at all
  • There may be a warning while displaying your email. The warning goes something like this: “Be careful with this message” and a description letting the recipient know that he might be tricked into something and spoofed.

The effects of using a personal email can be worse, but there is a solution.

The Solution is Surprisingly Simple

The FROM email address must be from your own website domain. For example, if you operate then the from email address must only be [email protected] – Generally, people tend to use [email protected] or [email protected].

Interestingly, you can still use your personal email address. You can use that in the REPLY-TO field instead. So let’s say if anyone replies to your email, the response would directly land into the provided email inbox. So it’s a best use case for using your personal email address if you want to.

So why is NOT using Personal Email Address such a big deal?

In simple language, these large email providers (AOL, Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, etc.) are aware of the spam and phishing possibilities. That’s exactly why these providers only allow their users to send an email via their platform or specific authorisation.

For example, Yahoo might not accept your emails if you try to send your newsletter with Avoori Newsletters Email Marketing. Even though it’s going to be a valid email address in the FROM, but it might just not accept the emails. Hope its crystal clear that it’s a big no-no to use your personal email in FROM input box.


It’s actually a good security measure in retrospective, it’s known as DMARC and more email providers are adopting the same policies. DMARC stands for Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance. It’s considered to be a strict email authentication, policy and reporting protocol. It is built over the widely accepted and deployed SPF and DKIM protocols. If that’s too much information, just know it’s in your best interest to use a domain based email address.

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