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Newsletter Designer Templates

With Avoori Newsletters, you get an amazing collection of responsive email templates. It’s perfect for creating any kind of email for every type of business. You are not limited to these templates as you can always create your own templates from any of the ready made templates or build one from scratch, completely customize it and save it as your own custom template.

Here’s how you can access the Templates page:

  • Navigate to Newsletters > All Campaigns. Click on the “Add New” button at the top of the page to create a new email
  • You will be asked to choose the type of email you want to create. You will have four options to choose from
    • Newsletter
    • Welcome Email
    • Latest Post Notifications
    • Online Store Email
  • You can browse through different template categories or explore recently sent newsletters. You can use your custom template too or even import templates from other Avoori Newsletters.

Saving a Custom Template

You can easily design your own template and save it so its added to the templates section. You can save the new templates from Newsletter Designer > Save drop-down button > Save as template (you can see the Save button right next to the “Next” button at your Newsletter Editor screen at the top right of the page).

Once the design is saved as a template, it’s ready to be used on unlimited newsletters. You can browse the saved templates from “Your saved templates” category on the Templates page.

Exporting Templates

To export a template, you need to navigate to the same Save drop-down button and select the second option named “Export as template”. So you can share it with a friend, sell it or choose to use it on a different site. You might even want to keep a backup of template on your local machine. The exported template will be downloaded as a .json file.

You don’t need to worry about downloading multiple files, settings or other configurations. The templates are self-contained in the JSON file and include all the text, styles, images and design preferences intact.

There’s the only limitation that all the images will be linked to their original source. For example, if you have made a template using then importing a template at would still link to images from

There’s a solution to it as well, you may save all the images individually and upload to the new website along with the template.

Importing Templates

To import a previously exported template, browse to the Templates page, click on the last Import tab. You will find a label named “Import a template” and “Choose File” button right beneath it. Click the button and easily upload your previously-exported template.

Ending Note: You will not be able to edit the template CSS so we do not recommend importing templates outside of the Avoori Newsletter Designer.

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