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Newsletter Monthly Sending Limit Has Been Reached.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully sent over 15,000 email in the current month.

The month is calculated from the moment you’ve purchased a Business or Online Store website or upgraded to the Business or Online Store plans. Each month the count is reset, enabling you to send additional 15,000 emails. You cannot accumulate unsent emails from previous months.

The number of emails you can send through the Newsletter service is limited to 15,000 (fifteen thousand) a month on the Business or Online Store Plans.

The options available in this case:

  • Create the newsletters to be sent as usual and wait for them to automatically be sent on the next month queue.
  • Upgrade your sending limits.

In order to make sure your emails arrive to your subscribers inbox, and not the spam box, we utilize solutions through our partners. You may increase your sending limits by purchasing a plan which better suits your sending habbits, by contacting the Customer Support Team through the support page.

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