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Prevent Spam Using Signup Confirmation

If you’re using Avoori Email Marketing, signup confirmation is enforced to comply with standards. It’s an important step to keep away from getting blacklisted and maintaining a good sender reputation.

Some consider Signup Confirmations or Double Opt-ins a hassle in the creative Newsletter process and might be considered an additional step for no good reason.

Here’s why you must always use confirmation emails:

  • Discourage the use of fake emails and prevents evil sender bots
  • Encourage the use of correct emails, avoids getting mistyped or misspelled emails as confirmed users
  • Those subscribers who open your Signup Confirmation email usually prove they are human and might opens your future email publications
  • It’s always about quality rather than quantity. It’s best to have a few subscribers that are actually loyal subscribers than to have a few thousand robots and random people

How to Configure the Signup Confirmations

As soon as you have new subscribers to your newsletters, the new subscribers will get a “confirmation email”. There’s an activation link inside the email that the subscribers need to click to confirm their subscription to your newsletter. Unconfirmed users, those who do not click an activation link will not receive any of your newsletters.

The signup confirmation options lets you do two things. First, to set up the details regarding the confirmation email, such as from, reply-to, subject, and email content. Secondly, providing a redirection page where your subscribers will be redirected to after subscribing to your newsletter.

Setting Up Confirmation Email Details

Go to the website admin > Newsletters > There are two shortcodes you can use in the Email content field, they are [lists_to_confirm] and [activation_link]

[lists_to_confirm] will show the list(s) your subscribers are joining

[activation_link] is the subscription confirmation link in between these opening and closing tags, to provide your subscribers with a clickable activation link with meaningful text so that they click over this link.[/activation_link]

Confirmation Page

To customize the confirmation page design you may visit Newsletters > Settings > Advanced Tab.
If you choose not to select any page, a default page will be used. This page will use your the standard page and display the information.

Here’s how you can quickly customize your confirmation page

Browse Avoori Dashboard > Pages > Add New

This creates a new page that you can fill with relevant details to customize the confirmation page. You may choose a custom title like “Thank you for subscribing” and relevant content to let users know they have subscribed. You may use the page contents to show that you’re grateful for taking the initiative to subscribe to your newsletter.

After publishing the page, browse back toNewsletters > Settings > Advanced Tab and scroll to the bottom of the page. You will find the “Confirmation Page” label, you can choose the above-created page from the drop-down.

Finally, click Save Settings and you’re done with your new confirmation page!

Note: If you want to do signup confirmation via a page rather than email. You can choose “Redirect to a custom URL” option while creating the subscription form using the Page Designer. Then insert the above-created page URL and save the form to apply changes.

How to Resend Confirmation Emails?

Browse the subscriber’s page, select the subscribers that are Unsubscribed, click over the Bulk Actions drop-down menu and choose “Resend Confirmation email”. Finally, click the Apply button to resend confirmations email to those who unsubscribed.

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