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Sending Welcome Email Newsletters with an Attached PDF or a File Download Link

If you have ever wondered about how you can send an Ebook or let’s say any kind of PDF to your subscribers. What was the first solution that came to your mind? to attach a file to the email? Well, you can’t really attach a file to these emails. What you can easily do though, is to provide a link within the email to the required file. This way readers would be able to open the link to download any sort of document or file.

Let’s see how to create Welcome Emails for new subscribers first. Go to the Newsletters admin menu > All Campaigns and click on Add New.

Click “Set up” button inside the Welcome Email box.

On the next page, choose when you want the welcome email to be sent. You have two options to choose from

  • When someone subscribes to the list…
    • This means whenever anyone joins any of your Email Marketing lists, they will receive this email as a subscriber.
  • When a new WordPress user is added to your site…
    • This option lets you send welcome emails to new WordPress users, those who have just registered at your website. 

Choose the Template of Your Choice

The next step is to choose a template and click over it to open the Newsletter Designer.

You can either add a button, an image or just plain text inside your newsletter and attach a link to the button, image or text for subscribers to be able to visit the link and download the file.

Here’s how to add a button:

The first step, drag the Button widget into the new Newsletter Designer

You will see the Button widget in the Content Panel, you only need to drag and drop it into the editor. If you want to add an image or text, you can do so by dragging the relevant widgets to the editor. Rest of the steps below to edit the settings and add the PDF link remains pretty much the same.

The second step, to click the gear icon to edit the available button settings

You will find the gear icon as you hover over the button content block. There will be a couple of small icons at the top right of the block. The first one from left is actually the gear icon (settings) to modify button settings.

The third step, to actually add the link to PDF file.

This step is divided into two parts:

  1. First you will need to upload the PDF file to the media library. After the file has been uploaded, you will see a link on the side. Select the link and copy it.
  2. Now you can add a button label that readers will see as the button text. Then you can add a link to the file such as

Thats it, the welcome email with the link to your file will now be available to every new subscriber to your Avoori Newsletter. Each new subscriber will receive this email with the button you created, linking to the PDF file you uploaded to the media library.

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