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Using Latest Post Notifications to Send Recent Blog Posts to Newsletter Subscribers Automatically

If you publish content to your website regularly, chances are you already have a fairly popular site or will soon become one. You can speed up the website growth by sending your post content notifications to your website subscribers.

Let’s explore how you can send a weekly newsletter to your subscribers containing your latest posts.

First go to the Newsletters menu on your Avoori website and click on the “Add New” button to create a new campaign. You will see the types of email you can create. Click on the “Setup” button inside the Latest Post Notifications box.

On the next page, you can set the frequency of email. Basically, how often do you want to send out these emails to your subscribers. You have the option to choose Weekly, Monthly, and Immediately, etc.

For example, you can setup to send out emails at, let’s say, every Thursday at 1 PM. Click on the “Next” button to continue the setup wizard.

Next, you can choose an appropriate template that suits your business, style, look, and feel to match your target audience.

You can choose “Clear News”, as the template that’s already set up for sending post notifications. Clicking on select, will get you to the Newsletter Designer, where you can easily add, remove, and edit any content including images and other media.

You will experience certain grayed-out areas as you mouse-over parts of the post content. This means the posts are being shown dynamically. You can edit the dynamic options by hovering over the content and clicking the first left button you will see at the top right of the content hover area.

It would open a right sidebar, where you can adjust the maximum number of posts to include. Entering a higher value such as 50, for example, may include all your posts.

You can narrow down your post notifications to specific categories, by typing over the category name in the provided input box. You will just have to type the initials and auto-suggest will provide you with exact category names to choose from.

That’s just a simple example; there are dozen of other display options. So you get complete control of which posts you want to include and exclude in your email to your subscribers.

We used a Post Notifications ready template but you don’t have to. You can add the Post Notification system to any template of your choice. Just drag and drop “Automatic Latest Content” widget from the right sidebar over your content.

Creating Additional Subscription Lists

Additionally, you can even let your readers subscribe to any category they like directly from your website.

You need to browse to the “Lists” option available inside the Avoori Newsletters Email Marketing main menu options on your website. First, create a new subscriber list for each website category. Second, you would be creating a new post notification newsletter (containing automatic latest content widget) filtered for that category (using the category filter input box, we saw above). Just make sure to specify which newsletter corresponds to which list.

That’s pretty much it; you will get the details of your post notification as a final step. If you like everything you see, you are just a click away to activate it. Just click over the “Activate” button to start the service.

Few Key Reminders

 These email newsletters will only be sent whenever you publish new content

  • It will be sent to only those subscribers you’ve added in the list for that newsletter.
  • So a few subscribers may not receive any email, just because you might have published content under a category for which they are not subscribed

Commonly Asked Questions

  • Q: Which posts are going to be sent in my First Post Notification?
    A: All the posts that you see in the editor are going to be sent in the first email.
  • Q: It was showing the latest content in preview, but the actual newsletter didn’t include the latest post content, why?
    A: After the first email has been sent which contains all the posts that you see in the editor, only newly published posts will be sent from that point onwards.
  • Q: There’s no post since the last email, will the new email be canceled or will be sent with same old content?
    A: Whenever there’s no new post, no new email will be sent. An email is triggered only as a result of a new post.
  • Q: What is the Automatic Latest Content widget is set to display 10 posts, but have published 5 so far?
    A: The newsletter will be sent with 5 posts only.
  • Q: Why my post images aren’t showing up?
    A: Make sure to select your Featured Image when publishing your posts. As the system uses featured images to display your post excerpts.
  • Q: What happens to email if I update a post?
    A: Updating posts don’t affect emails and doesn’t trigger any kind of update to the Post Notification emails. The only way to re-send an already published post is to publish it as a new post or to republish it.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us.

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