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Configure Google Local Business for your Business and Website

Google My Business listing is very commonly known as GMB. These are business listings displayed by Google about your company in a variety of different results such as Knowledge Graph, Google Local Pack & Google Maps.

Knowledge Graph

These are commonly known as Info Boxes, appears at the top right-hand side of Google search engine results pages on your desktop. Info-boxes appear when there’s a search about your brand name, for example, searching for “Google” would bring an infobox about Google.

A typical infobox contains the brand name, reviews, service/company/brand details, location, address, phone, and Q/A details as well.

Google Local

The Google Local pack appears during the Google search engine result pages.

There are three Google My Business listings appearing right beneath the map. These listing appear whenever someone searches for a business in or around a specific location.

Google Maps

The mobile app or the desktop edition of Google Maps will show the Google My Business listings too. These listings are shown upon searching for a business in or around a specific location.

Google My Business was earlier known as Google Local and Google Places. These displayed details are provided by the business owner to correctly display the details as you want your customers to see.

Searching Localized Keywords

When any user searches for localized keywords via Google, they are presented with a set of relevant local business listings. These results are tailored to the requested search term.

Following are the most commonly searched places. Google Search App

. Google Search via Third Party Browsers or Google Chrome (mobile/desktop)

. Google Maps in both Mobile and Desktop Browser

. Google Maps App

. Google Home Voice Search

. Google Assistant Voice Search

Inserting Your Business Information

You can enter the Google My Business listing details via your Avoori website SEO settings > Advanced > Local Business.

The first thing on the Local Business settings page you see is the general activation for local Business data type for Google. You can click it to activate all the page settings you set for your Google My Business listings. You will see a link right afterward the button that says “To edit your business name, visit this page.” You can click to change your business name as well.

Business type

You need to select your business type from the dropdown menu, “Local Business (default)” is listed as the default option.

Street Address

Your complete business address


The city your business is located in


The state your business is located in

Postal Code

The postal code of the area your business operates in


The country where your business operates


You need to fill in the latitude of the exact business location.


Mention the longitude of the exact location of your business.


Enter your business website address


Enter your business telephone number

Price Range

Enter the price range of the products you deal in

Opening Hours

You can individually set the opening and closing hours for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

If you’re closed at a certain day, let’s say you don’t work on weekends, then you can check “Closed?” input box for that day.

You will have to use a 24-hour format. The way you set the opening and closing hours for each day go like this. You will first put in the opening hours in 24-hour format, then put in the closing time after the “-“.

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