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Connect and View your Avoori Website Statistics with Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a tool that helps you to understand your website visitors and customers. It shares business insights with you for the users that visit your website. You can visit Google Analytics to learn more about it.

Enabling Google Analytics

To enable Google Analytics for your website, on your website admin go to SEO > Google Analytics.

Check Enable Google Analytics tracking, to install GA tracking code sitewide.

Only enabling Google Analytics won’t do anything until you add the correct tracking ID for it to track the pages.

You have an option to check “Request user’s consent for analytics tracking (required by GDPR)”. You will have to check this if you operate a business in the EU as it’s a GDPR requirement. Otherwise, you may want to keep things transparent and let users push an accept button before their details are tracked. The consent messages will only be shown to your website visitors. Your website users, no matter what their role is, will not be shown these consent messages.

Consent message for tracking; you can write a custom message to show to users if you have checked the last option.

Accept button for tracking, you can choose to rename it and give it any other name like “Agree” for example.

You can choose to explicitly exclude users from tracking, any roles from Administrator to a Contributor by checking the relevant option.

Connecting Your Avoori Website with Google Analytics

You can follow this link to make a tracking ID if you already don’t have one and place it in the relevant setting.

Viewing Google Analytics Statistics Information in the Website Admin

To view the Google Analytics information right inside your website, we will need to connect it to Google’s services.

We can make “calls” to the Google Analytics system through the Google Analytics API. We will need a Client ID and a Secret ID from API to connect to the GA system.

As you login to Google Console, you need to browse the API Manager and choose Library. Then you will have to search for “analytics” in the search tab. It will provide with a result namely “Analytics API”.

You need to click that search result to be able to browse the Analytics API page where you can enable the API.

Once enabled, you need to click over Credentials under API & Services section.  Then you will click Create Credentials and choose OAuth Client ID option out of the list box.

Just choose Website Application, enter a name to just recognize what’s it’s for and enter your complete domain name (Authorized Javascript) in the following format

For the redirection URI, just enter your domain name with the following format

Finally, just click Create.

You will be redirected to the following window where you can either click the Name or the edit button as shown below to get your Client ID and Client Secret.

You will be shown this window for copying your Client ID and Secret ID, like so

That’s it, now you have access to connect with Google Analytics.

Create Custom Dimensions

When you browse the Administration tab, select the account for which you want to create custom dimensions.

If you look closely under the Property tab, you will see a Custom Definition link. On clicking it would expand to other options. One of them is Custom Dimensions, just click that.

It would take you to this window where you can click New Custom Dimension to create a custom dimension.

Just name your dimension and click the Create button.

You will be shown the Custom Dimension and it has an index associated now.

The following index number must match the index number in your website’s SEO settings. So for example, Index 1 in Google Analytics must be Custom Dimension #1 in your website SEO Google Analytics settings.

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