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Multiple domains and SEO

If you have multiple domains on Avoori, then you might think that this practice can affect your SEO negatively. If that’s the case, then don’t worry. On Avoori, you can have as many domains as you want to redirect to one website because we make sure to use the right practices that won’t let you get penalized for duplicate content. 

We make sure to redirect your domains to one primary domain and website this way you won’t have any duplicate content that can be traced by search engines and that will get you penalized. If you have multiple domains redirecting to your website, then that means you have a bigger advantage at attracting more visitors because you’ll be capturing common misspellings, stopping competitors from registering under the same name as you, and so on.

This guide will explain how multiple domains won’t affect your SEO negatively. 

We help you stay friendly to search engines by redirecting multiple domains to one domain

If you decide to have multiple domains redirecting to one primary website and domain, then we’ll make sure to abide by that and help visitors land on your website if they use any of the other secondary domains. No matter what secondary domain name the visitor will use, your primary domain is still going to be the one that will appear on their browser. 

Using multiple domains can be a great asset for your traffic as it can double it and prevent misspellings from redirecting your visitors elsewhere. 

We avoid what’s bad for search: mapping multiple domains

Mapping multiple domains was a common practice in the past in order to let your website rank for a keyword and attract more visitors and traffic. But, now it is penalized by search engines as it is considered duplicate content even if all the websites are bought by you and are managed by you.

That is why on Avoori we avoid mapping multiple domains. By connecting different domains to one website, you’re guaranteeing to abide by the search engine’s laws and making sure everything you do is not frowned upon. In other words, making multiple domains redirect to one single domain and website, is the best strategy.

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