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Scan and Analyze Your Website for Any Broken Links and 404’s

Let’s start understanding broken links from a very relatable perspective. Imagine if you purchase a new phone and use it for a few minutes. You really start to like the phone for its usability, features, responsiveness, and just about everything. Then suddenly, the phone starts to hang!

How would you feel if your brand new phone would hang? Ah, I know you won’t believe that a new phone can possibly hang.

That’s exactly how your frequent website visitors feel about your website. A good website develops a brand image that users trust. A visitor wouldn’t expect your website to have broken links. Maybe the visitor was only there to find the information you promised to deliver in your search engine result page description. And landed only to find out the page is a broken link!

Broken Links are SEO Enemies

These broken links can literally make or break your SEO campaigns. Search engines can deindex your internal broken links, even if the page maybe ranking for a competitive term on Page 1 of Google SERP’s.  It’s that crucial and a technical .htaccess mistake can cause such broken links too. So it’s best to keep an eye over all the website links on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Not just that, your website bounce rates will increase and overall SEO rankings will badly impact too. If there are multiple broken links over a long period of time, you might get sandboxed for consistent bad practices.

Here’s How You Can Scan Your Website to Free Yourself from the Broken Links Mess.

Browse to the SEO menu in the left sidebar. You will be shown a couple of links underneath it, click Broken Links Scanner.

You can click Scan Now, to start scanning your website for broken links. You are also shown a last scan date timestamp. And the number of broken links found in the last scan.

You can either scan a few pages and selective items or perform a rather more robust check for all different available post types. All of these customizations are possible from the Settings link, right next to the Scan button.

If you want to see the results of your scan, it can be seen by clicking over Broken Link Results from the left sidebar.

You get to know the broken link.

The count as to know the number of times it has found broken.

Know the current status of the broken link, if it’s still broken or has been fixed.

The broken link type is also shown which are usually found to be 404’s.

Anchor text, the text that is used for linking to it.

And the source page where the broken link is found.

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