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Scan for Backlinks and Broken Links with Majestic

If you have a Majestic API key, you can alternatively browse to the Backlinks option under the SEO menu and click “Enter Your Majestic Key”.

It will take you to Backlinks options inside the Advanced section of the SEO menu. You can enter your Majestic key and click Save Changes to activate. With many other available options, Majestic lets you check broken backlinks too!

More About SEO & Majestic

Earlier in SEO, there used to Google Page Rank. It was a primary way to know a website worth. In fact, every page had a Page Rank visible to everyone publicly to be able to judge a page’s worth.

In April of 2016, Google disabled the Page Rank. Google supposed to be using Page Rank internally; however, it’s not visible publicly to anyone.

As a result, a number of new Metrics were introduced, such as Domain Authority (DA) by Moz and Trust Flow (TF) by Majestic. Both of these present an overall backlink picture. A TF under 15 is not supposed to be trustworthy. Anything over and above is good.

TF is basically the measure of good links, whereas Citation Flow (CF) is to measure the overall quantity of links. Once you know the terms, it’s easy to understand what a Domain TF and Domain CF are and even a specific URL TF or CF. The first one talks about all of the domain TF/CF whereas a URL TF/CF represent details of a specific page.

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