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What Avoori does for SEO

If you’ve never worked with SEO before, then it’s a new concept you should be introduced to when creating a website. SEO or Search Engine Optimization includes everything that improves your website’s ranking on search engines.

Even though search engines don’t reveal the factors that affect truly the ranking of websites online, there are some known SEO practices that every person should know. SEO factors like your website’s navigability, speed, and user experience are all important all, in one way or the other, will affect your website’s ranking. 

On Avoori, we include the most important ranking factors in our website’s architecture. Websites created with Avoori are mobile-friendly, fast, and easy to navigate which give you users the best experience possible.

We also include different SEO tools to help you understand your website better so you can improve its ranking.

The most important SEO-friendly features we have included on Avoori are: 

SSL Certificate

Whether you buy your domain name on Avoori, transfer it, or connect it to your website even though it’s bought using a third-party provider, your domain name will come with a free SSL certificate. This SSL certificate will encrypt the data that goes from your website to the browser and vise-versa for extra security. 

SSL certificates are favored by search engines as they make your website look secure, and some search engines will go as far as to penalize websites that don’t have an SSL certificate.

Search engine and page descriptions

Pages that offer a greater description that shows what they’re about and what they’re doing. The more bots and spiders understand what your page is about, the higher your chances are of ranking. This is why on Avoori, if you choose the premium plans, your website will come with a description space that you can use to include your page description.

Site map

When using Avoori on premium plans, creating your sitemap is the easiest thing possible. Avoori generates a sitemap.xml file and links to it which helps search engines pick up information faster from your website and quickly index the pages that you want to be indexed.

Built-in mobile optimization

All of our Avoori’s templates come with built-in mobile optimization to help your website look great on any device. Whether your users are using their phone, laptop, or tablet to check your website, your site will look just as good.

Google has been preferring lately websites that include mobile-optimization since there is an increase in number when it comes to phone users. Because of that, Avoori has taken your greatest interest in mind.

Clean HTML Markup

Tags and headings are extremely important as they reorganize your content and help search engines understand your content better. Using Avoori, you’ll never have to include any <h1> or <h2> for your headings, you can use the page designer to include the headings you want without any difficulty. 

Transparent Caching 

Avoori has a special caching technology that enables your website to be as fast as possible. This transparent caching helps you preserve your website’s content and data while still being fast.

Clean URLs

URLs on Avoori are as simple as possible. They only include the most important pages and route and are kept to the bare minimum so they can be easily read by search engines.

Built-in meta tags

Search engine spiders pick up content based on tags that help them figure out which are the titles, which are the images, which are the descriptions, and so on. With Avoori, these HTML meta tags come in by default to help you appear in search results more easily by structuring your content in a clear way.

When it comes to meta tags, these are the important ones in Avoori:

  • Titles- To help spiders crawl which is the title for your page.
  • Descriptions- To help the spiders understand what each page is about.
  • Site description- To show what your website is about.

Google Suggestions

Searching for keywords is very important for website owners. You need to find the right keywords to use for your website if you want to rank better, and in the right search engines pages. With Google suggestions, you’ll be able to get better suggestions for your keywords that you can use on your content so you can appear on the right search pages.

Structured data

On Avoori, your content is structured in a clear way that it’ll enable you to classify your pages and posts in a hierarchical way that can be understood by search engines. 

Your sitemap will include the most important elements on your website like products, blog posts, pages, images, and every other important data.

How to use Avoori’s SEO-friendly tools

Avoori is an all-in-one platform and website builder that will help you create a website in simple steps with all the features you need in mind. If you need a website, then Avoori can help you do just that and will help you perfect your SEO strategy quickly and efficiently. 

If you need more help when it comes to understanding Avoori’s features including SEO ones, then check our guide on Avoori’s Analytics and SEO

If you have any questions that you haven’t found the answer to, then our customer support is here to help as well.

More help

Even though Avoori helps out its users with in-built SEO tools, how to improve your website’s ranking is a journey you have to go through on your own. Our customer support can only help within their area of expertise when it comes to the tools we have on Avoori, but they can’t offer you any detailed advice on how to rank better. 

Even though we’re unable to offer any customized advice when it comes to SEO, we do on the other hand have our blog which has all the essentials tips you’ll need for a better ranking.

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