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Right Click Controls With The Page Designer

The page designer has very useful commonly-used actions that you can access quickly by right-clicking an element. These right-click controls include some well-known functions as Undo, Redo, Save, and also some other special features like the Split Test and Lock. All of these are conveniently accessible through a click.

Lets see a list of actions for different elements (Section, Module & Row):

Undo and Redo

Use these actions to undo or redo something within the page designer.

Save to Library

You have the option to save your elements to the Layouts library either through the settings box or directly using this button.

Split Test

Access the option to perform a split test on the chosen element. The page designer will track how variations in the test subjects affect how visitors interact with them. Learn more about split testing, also known as A/B testing, here.


When you click on Disable, the Mobile, Tablet, and Desktop icons appear. Choose the ones you would like to remove your elements from. When an item is disabled it will appear red.


If you choose to do it for the three views, the element will fade to indicate it is disabled. This way, if you have an element you don’t want to show online but that you might want to re-enable in the future, this is an excellent way to remove it from the front-end view without deleting it.


If you lock an element it can’t be moved, edited or deleted. The Site Manager is the only role which has access to lock and unlock items. It could be useful if you don’t want to give access to other users to edit all parts of your designs. To unlock an element right click on it and select Unlock or simply press the Lock button.

Copy Element

Copy any element from one area and paste it on another one, using the right-click options. Alternatively, you can also select the Duplicate icon and drag the duplicated element to where you want.

Copy, Reset, View, and Extend Styles

To save time and avoid repetition, the Page Designer offers you the possibility to copy a style and paste it on another element of the same type, and also to reset and view any modified styles.

The Extend Styles option lets you even extend an element’s style to all the elements of that type contained within the page, section, row, or column.


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