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Using the Layouts Library

The Page Designer’s Layout Library allows you to save your custom modules, rows, sections and entire page layouts for later use. It can be found under “Layouts” in the site admin panel.

What Is the Layout Library?

The Page Designer’s Layout Library is your ultimate web design toolkit. It lets you store your favorite layouts, sections, rows, and modules for later use. Saving items to your Layout Library lets you access them easily from within the module window when adding a new layout, module, section, or row to any page.

You can create collections of your favorite module combinations, and save yourself many hours of work. Save your customized items to the library, so you never have to re-design them from scratch again.

Having created your own collection of custom modules, you will find that starting to build new websites becomes infinitely easier. You might never have to create a website portfolio ever again.

Your library of custom modules, rows, and sections can be exported or imported to make website creation even easier.

Saving New Items To The Library

Whenever you hover over a module, row or section in the Page Designer, the menu bar includes a button to save the item to the library for later use. Click this icon, name your template, and click “Save to Library”.

Any item you’ve added to the Layout Library can be accessed under “Layouts” in the site admin panel.

You can also add your saved items to any page via the “Add From Library” tab when adding a new module, row or section. Only the relevant layouts will appear in the list of available layouts.

To save an item to the library, click “Save & Add To Library.” From here, you can name your item, choose which settings you want to save using selective sync, add your item to a category, or mark your item as Global. When done, click “Save,” and your item will be added to the Layout Library.

Creating & Managing Items In The Layout Library

To manage and edit your saved library items, click “Layouts” on the site admin panel. A list of your saved items will be displayed, and you will be able to sort it using the controls at the top of the page.

Each item can be edited using the “edit” link next it.

There are two ways to add items to the library:

  • In the Page Designer, hover over an item and click the “add to library” button in the menu.
  • In the Layout Library, you can build new items from scratch by clicking the “Add New” button at the top of the screen.

Regardless of how you add them, all Layout Library items will be available for you to use in the Page Designer under the “Add From Library” tab.

Adding Library Items To Your Page

Any Layout Library item can be added to a page with the Page Designer as follows:

  • In the Page Designer, add a new Module, Row or Layout to your page.
  • Click the “Add From Library” tab. A list of all your Layout Library items will be displayed.
  • Select the item you would like to add.

Saving Global Items

Every library item can be marked as “Global”. When you modify a global module, it updates automatically on all of the pages you have added it to. For example, you can create a Global section and add it to the footer of every page on your site. Then, whenever you change this Global section, the footer on all your pages will update instantly.

But what if you only want to sync the design, without syncing the content? No problem! You can choose which aspects of the settings are saved to the library by selective syncing. For instance, you can customize the Design and Advanced tabs in a module, and save only the settings from these tabs to the library. When you make the module Global, only the Design and Advanced settings will get synced, and you will fill the Content tab differently for every page you use the module on.

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