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Using The Layouts Shortcodes To Place Modules Inside the Content of Other Modules

By saving an element to the Layouts library, each one receives a unique shortcode. This is an identifier of that element that allows you to place it inside any other element by merely copy and pasting this shortcode in the content area of the module that will include it.

This allows you to create complex module structures and include modules, one inside the other. By using shortcodes you are able to create unique tabbed content, advanced blurbs and many more. Your imagination is the real limit in this case.

To use it, all you have to do is to copy the shortcode and insert it in the content of any other element.

Where Can You Find the Shortcode?

You can find it on the saved layout sidebar and also under the Shortcode column of the table on the All Layouts page.

Inside the layout settings:

Inside the All Layouts page:

How Do You Use the Shortcode?

Lets try to make a practical example.

  1. We added a new module layout with a “Click Here” button.After setting it up as we need, the output of this module is:
  2. Now, we added a second module with a Blurb module type.
  3. Inside the blurb’s settings, we placed the shortcode of the first layout inside its content.
  4. Notice that the blurb’s content now has the button we created.
  5. Lets check it out in action.
    We now changed the button’s text on the first layout, which also updates inside the second layout. As the shortcode remains the same for this element, it updates its changes to wherever it is included.


Pretty simple and really functional, allowing you to create any kind of module combination your design requires.

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