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Customize the Search Results Page

Whenever you perform a search on any of your website pages, you’re redirected to a results page if your query returned a post, page, product or project that relates to your search.

You can customize the search sources that you want to present your website visitors. Simply click ooner the Source drop-down menu where it says “All Post Types”.

You are provided with four options: Posts, Pages, Projects and All Posts Types.
By default, the search results page will return searches for all post types.

Set the Number of Search Posts/Results Per Page

You can enter any number for customizing the number of search results that you want to appear at the search page. As you mouse over the input box, you will see two small buttons with arrows at the right side. You can use them to increment or decrement numbers accordingly.

Custom Sidebar on the Search Result Page

Just click over the checkbox nearby “Custom Sidebar” to enable a Custom Sidebar for the search result page.

Change the Search Results Page Layout

You receive the same four options that you get for changing the layout of pages site-wide. The only difference is its specially for the search result page. The available options are:

  • Right Sidebar
  • Left Sidebar
  • Full Width
  • 100% Full Width
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