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Enable Breadcrumbs in the Page Title Bar

Breadcrumb adds the path to the page, basically displaying the user’s location in a website. It provides accessibility benefits for the website users, to be able to directly click over a breadcrumb link for the more approachable secondary navigation.

Just click on the checkbox next to “Enable Breadcrumbs” to activate the breadcrumbs option for the page title.

Set the Home Text for Breadcrumbs

You can choose to rename “Home” text to anything you wish. Businesses mostly use their brand names, product or service names. The homepage is rather a traditional name for Home, as Home is much easier to pronounce.

Just click on the input box under the “Home Text” label and write down the text you want to rename “Home” with.

Change the Breadcrumb Position

You can either position the breadcrumbs at Absolute Right or Under Title (Page Title). Just click on the drop-down menu located under the “Position” label and choose your desired option.

Change the Breadcrumbs Text Color

You have extensive control with Avoori, even over your site breadcrumbs. Changing the text color for the breadcrumbs is as easy as just a click of a button. Simply click on “Select Color” button under “Text Color” label and choose your desired color for the breadcrumbs text.

Change the Breadcrumb Separator Color

Every breadcrumb has a separator, the symbol that helps the user to recognize the text around as a breadcrumb. You can also change its color just by clicking on the “Select Color” button under the “Separator Color” label and choosing the desired color.

Change the Breadcrumb Link Color

Breadcrumbs comprise of a current page path based on links, except the last one which is actual page name (text only). You can change the color of these linked pages for users to quickly recognize the links.

It’s easy to change colors as you might know, just click on “Select Color” under “Link Color” label and choose your desired color.

Change the Mouse-Over Color for the Breadcrumb Links

 Just like the normal links has a mouse-over effect, usually known as a link hover. The Breadcrumbs links have the same mouse-over effect, where you can change it’s color as you mouse over a link.

Simply click on the “Select Color” button under “Link Color: Hover” label and change the color as per your preference.

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