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How to Create a Custom 404 Error Page

A 404 page is displayed when the user requests a page that doesn’t exist on your website. Without going in too many details, it could be that the user mistyped the URL or the link may actually be broken. In any case, the user is already upset to not find the data he may be looking for. Offering a custom 404 page ensures that the user finds a way back to be able to navigate to other relevant portions of your website.

Remove Header and Footer From the 404 Error Page

Just click on the checkbox nearby “Enable Custom 404 Page” to activate this option. It lets you exclude the header and footer from the 404 error page to create a cleaner look.

Change the 404 Error Page Layout

Out of two options named “Full Width” and “100% Full Width”, you get to choose the layout that best suits your purpose.

100% Full Width will expand the page container to any screen width. So even if you use a laptop or a larger display, you will still be able to see the site page container in full page width.

In contrast, Full Width is a specific pixel defined size that will stay the same in size, so even if you use a laptop or a large monitor to view the website, the website page container size will remain the same.

Configure the 404 Error Page to Display a Custom Layout

Just click on the checkbox near “Enable Custom 404 Layout”. It would activate the custom layout option and display an option to Select a layout.

Next, you need to click on the drop down under the “Select Template” label and choose a custom 404 layout you created.

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