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How to Customize the Pagination Settings for a Better User Experience

The term pagination refers to the process of separating digital content into its unique pages. It’s helpful from a number of perspectives as it lets the user digest the given information in an easy to understand way.

It’s an automated process of adding numbers to pages to identify the order of pages in a sequence. Following are the pagination settings to further customize the aesthetic aspects of the pagination.

Change the Pagination Alignment

 By default, the pagination is available at the right side of the page. However, you can change it to display at left or even in the center. Just click on the drop-down menu, and choose from the given options, either left, right or center to change the pagination alignment.

Change the Font Size of the Pagination Content

The pagination content refers to the pagination numbers such as 1, 2, 3 and so on. To change the text size, you can use the slider available under the “Font size (px)” label. It lets you to either increase or decrease the pagination font size based on your preferences.

Change the Border Width of Pagination Boxes

You can implement border for the small pagination boxes to make it stand out or blend with the design. If you do not wish to have a border at all, you can change the border width to 0, either via dragging the slider or entering 0 directly in the input box.

1 to 2 px border width generally looks clean and makes pagination noticeable for visitors as well.

Change the background color of Pagination boxes

The more pagination numbers you have, the equally more pagination boxes you will have. You can easily change the background color of these boxes to any color you like. Just click on the “Select Color” button to browse through a variety of colors. Choose the ones you like and you will be able to live preview the new background color for the pagination.

Change the Background Hover Color

When you mouse over any pagination box, you might notice the background color of the pagination box subtly changes. You can choose any color of your choice for the mouse-over background. Just click on the “Select Color” button under the “Background Color: Hover” label and choose the color you like. That’s it! Enjoy the new hover!

Change the Font Color of the Pagination

To better blend the font color with the pagination background and overall design. It’s a must to have the right font color for the pagination to appeal to the users. And make your designs look good as well. Simply click on “Select Color” button underneath the “Color” label. Here you will be able to choose any color you like and set it as the pagination font color. In most cases, these are pagination numbers. So you would notice the color of the numbers changes.

Change the Pagination Font Color on Mouse Over

When you mouse over (hover) any pagination box text, the font color (pagination numbers color) may change as you hover over it. To change the font color to your desired color on mouse-over, just click on the “Select Color” button available under the label of  “Color: Hover”. You will be able to browse through a variety of colors to choose the ones you like most or that blend best with your design.

Change the Border Color of the Pagination Boxes

It’s easy, just browse through the millions of color variations at a glance and choose the ones you like most. Click on “Select Color” button underneath “Border Color” label to be able to change the border color for the pagination boxes.

Change the Border Color on Mouseover Pagination Boxes

Depending on the kind of website you operate, changing the border color of pagination boxes on hover looks great. Even on a few business sites, it looks good and lets the visitors value your thoughtfulness and detail-orientation over minute aspects of your website.

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