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How to Set a Separate Page Layout for All Website Pages

The separate page layout looks a lot like the default Wide layout, but provides a few additional controls for the content and widgets padding, as well as setting the Outside and Inner background settings.

Navigate to the Customizer > General > Page Settings to set the settings for your preferred page style. You have the option to select from the following page design configurations:

  • Wide
  • Boxed
  • Separate

Once you select the “SEPARATE” layout you get some additional options to can configure.

Added Configurations for the Separate

  • To Change the Background Outside of a Box
    You can change the background color outside of the box. You can easily do so by clicking over “Select Color” button under “Outside Background” label and choose the color of your choice.
  • To Change the Box Inner Background
    Changing the inner box background may display a background color change inside the box or it might not. It depends upon your website, and how your website is set up to handle the inner background. For example, If there are images used inside the box, these background colors will not override it. Simply click on the “Select Color” button under the “Inner Background” label to choose your favorite color for the inner box. And see what works best for your website via the live preview.
  • To change the Content Padding (px – em – %)
    Just enter the desired number in the input box under the “Content Padding” label in either pixel (px), ephemeral unit (em) or in percentage (%). For example, 50px, 2em or 20% like so.
  • To change the Widgets Padding (px – em – %)
    Simply click over the input box available under the “Widgets Padding” label and enter your desired padding space in numbers along with an extension. Either px, em or %.
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