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How to Set the Website Logo

To configure the logo and its settings, you need to browse the Logo panel under the Header section of the Theme Customizer.

Navigate to your website admin, browse to Appearance > Customize > Header > Logo.

Uploading a Logo

Uploading a logo is pretty straightforward. You just need to have the logo image ready and you can upload it to the website to display the logo sitewide.

Just click over the “Select Logo” button under the Logo label inside the Logo panel to upload a logo image for the first time. If you already have a logo in place but want to change it. You can either remove and upload again or just change the image and upload a new one.

For remove the image, you can click over the Remove Image button provided after an image is uploaded. The button is placed right underneath the image preview. The very next to it is the Change Image button to upload another image as well.

Uploading a Retina Logo

A retina logo is actually the same logo but twice the size. So that a retina logo is served for the Retina Display enabled devices. It makes the image look sharper and clearer.

You can upload a retina logo by clicking over “Select Logo” button under the “Retina Logo” label in Logo Panel.

Setting Max Width for the Logo

You may have a logo image that’s larger than what fits the screen. In that case, you can decrease the logo max width for the logo to fit it appropriately. If you have a logo that’s smaller, you can stretch it a bit the same way.

Just use the slider under the “Max Width (px)” label in the Logo panel to make these changes.

Setting Max Height for the Logo

You can easily set the maximum height for a logo the same way we have set the width above. Usually, you can play with the max width to do the needful. However, you may have a logo that’s better catered while vertically limiting it.

Just use the slider under the “Max Height” label in Logo panel to make the changes to the height.

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