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Setting Minimal Header Style

To set the minimal header style, navigate to your website admin, browse to Appearance > Customize > Header > General, from the header style dropdown, select Minimal.

Additional Header Settings for the Minimal Style

Add Transparent Header

If you like the minimal header style, you can keep it. But is the background bothering you? Do you prefer the transparent ones either? No issues, we have got you covered!

Just click over the checkbox next to “Add Transparent Header” and it will automatically remove the background and make the header transparent.

Logo (optional)

You can optionally select a logo of your choice to include in the header.

Simply click over “Select Image” button under Logo label in General tab to upload an image for use as a logo.

Retina Logo (optional)

Retina logo is going to be double the size of a normal logo. For example, if your logo is 100 by 100 pixels. A retina logo would be 200 by 200 pixels. The regular image will be served until the pixel density of the device is greater than 1.  This concept is similar but slightly different from that of Matt Wilcox, who introduced adaptive images.

Simply click over the “Select Image” button under the Retina Logo label in General tab to upload your retina logo.

Menu Bar Horizontal Lines (Toggle Bar) Color Styling

The Menu Bar Color refers to the 3 horizontal lines that make up for the menu toggle, at the right-hand side of the screen. You can easily change the color of these lines.

Simply click over the “Select Color” button under the Menu Bar Color label in General tab to choose your menu bar color.

Close Sign, Cross (x) Color

When you have clicked over the menu bar, it would open up a full-screen menu. To close the menu, you get a small cross-signed button located near to the menu. You can change its color to match with your site design as well.

Just click over the “Select Color” button under the “Menu Bar Close Color” label in General tab to choose your close button color.

Background Color for the Overlay Screen

This option is available to change the overlay screen (background) color. You can use it to match the colors of your website.

You only need to click over the “Select Color” button under the Background Color label in the General tab to choose your background color.

Menu Links Color

If you wish, you can change the menu links color as well.

Click over the “Select Color” button under the “Links Color” label in General tab to upload a menu bar color.

Menu Links Hover (Mouse Over) Color

You can also change the hover color for links. Basically, the color when you mouse over the menu links.

To choose the hover color for links, click over the “Select Color” button under the Links Hover Color label in General tab.

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