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Add and Edit the Menu Items Technical Configuration

Here are the changes you will notice under the Menu tab, enabling you to add advanced customizations to each menu item.

Navigate to this option by going to your website admin, browse to Appearance > Customize > Menus > Select a Menu.

Let’s go through each of these to better understand how to use them effectively.

Open a Link in a New Tab

If you want the respective menu item to open in a new tab, just click on the checkbox next to “Open link in a new tab” to do so. It’s known as link target and setting rel=”_blank” in the code would bring the same results.

Change the Title Attribute

The text you enter under title attribute is mostly displayed as a Tooltip. A tooltip shows up when you hover or mouse-over the content and it shows up a small popup with the text written in the title attribute.

To add text to title attribute, just click on the input box under the “Title Attribute” and add the text you want to show in the tooltip.

Add the CSS Classes

CSS is also known as Cascading Style Sheets let you add the presentation layer to your plain (HTML) content. Without going into details about CSS, you can enter a class name to apply to this link.

For example, you may have created a class in CSS once to display a 2 pixels black border. You just need to type in that CSS class name to apply it to any menu item.

Just click on the input box under the “CSS Classes” label to add a class.

Learning more about Link Relationship (XFN) & to Add it To Menu Items

While XFN is a detailed topic to discuss, you must know what it is and how you can use the basic tags to add meaning to your menu items.

XFN stands for XHTML (a coding language) Friends Network, an easy way to represent human relationships using links (hyperlinks)

It’s especially for the search engines to understand the relationships and display to users.


Use this if you are linking to one of your own sites


Use this for one of the following types of relationship


Someone with whom you’ve either had a short conversation, just know by name and that’s pretty much it.


Someone whom you know and also are able to get in touch with them


Someone you know very well, so much so that he or she is a friend 


Use this to leave the friendship category blank.

physical (met)

Use this if you have actually met him/her in person.


Here are the options to specify a professional relationship


Someone with whom you is either currently working at an organization or have previously worked together.


Someone in the same field of activity, or even study with you


To geographically relate to the link, use these options


Someone with whom you have shared a room or a flat. He could be a member of your family living in the same house.


Someone who lives nearby your address or just across the street.


Six rel types to specify the family relationship 


your own child or someone whom you have adopted 


your relative, whom you consider as the part of your extended family


your own parent or someone who has adopted you


the other brothers or sisters with whom you share you share your parent.


Your better half, to whom you are married to.


Use these to indicate that you are a romantic relationship with the site author 


Someone who inspires you. 


Someone on whom you have a crush.


Someone you are dating. 


Someone with whom you have an intimate relationship, with whom you’re possibly committed to.

Add the Description to a Menu Item

Just enter the description in the input box provided under the “Description” label. This is internal information for you to describe about this link to be able to understand additional things you need for it.

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