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Available Menu Locations on Your Avoori Website

All websites in Avoori get the option to use any of the 5 menu locations for menus.

You can see these listed when creating a new menu, and choosing the location where you want to display this menu.

The available menu locations are:

Top Bar

Generally known as “above the header” bar, the little bar that you see at the top for phone numbers, notifications and small-sized menus.


It’s considered the primary navigation for the website. It is usually placed in the header space and referred to as the Main Menu.


For providing additional menu items that are not directly relevant to your target customers. For example, a Partnership page or even Advertising page for that matter.

Mobile (Optional)

For mobile viewers, you have the option to create a custom menu that will include items other than the ones defined in the menu menu.


The functions menu is a special menu location specifically designed to provide a functional and additional location for menu items, mini-carts, social icons etc..

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