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How to Create a New Menu

When you will first start out with a brand new Avoori website, you may not see any pre-existing menu, so one of the first steps will be to create a new menu to hold your website pages or links.

Creating a new menu is super simple. Navigate to Appearance > Customize > Menus.

To create your new menu simply click on the “Create New Menu” button available under the “Menus” label. It will take you to the following screen

You need to start off by filling the Menu Name, in the input box under the “Menu Name” label. Giving clear names to your menu will help you to quickly identify it, especially if you have multiple menus on your website.

When you create a new menu, you need to define the “menu location” at the same time. On Avoori, you are given the option of 5 menu locations you can use to place your menu items. You can see these listed in the options and choose the one where you want to display this menu. In case you’re interested to learn more about menu locations, we created a separate guide which defines the available menu locations on your Avoori website.

Now you have successfully created a menu and allocated it to the desired menu location. Note that you will only see an empty space at your website menu location, to change this, you will need to add items or links to a menu.

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