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How to View or Change the Menu Location for Menus

You can view all the menu locations of your theme by clicking on “View All Locations” tab located right under the “Menu Locations” label.

Navigate to this option by going to your website admin, browse to Appearance > Customize > Menus.

You will see the list of menu locations: Top Bar, Main, Footer, Mobile (optional) and Functions. You can allocate menus for each of the available locations. Just click on the drop-down and choose the menu you want to allocate for the relevant location.

You might not see many menus in the drop-down. That’s only because there may not be many menus on your website or you might not have created any new menus earlier.

To add menus, you can either follow the process we have followed above. Or Click on “+ Create New Menu” directly from this page to start creating your new menu. Rest of the process and steps for creating the new menu remains the same.

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