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Appointments & Booking Scheduling

Managing appointments has never been easier. All you have to do is include an appointments product to your website and voilà! All of your scheduling nightmares are finally over.

Anywhere, Anytime

Appointments & Bookings is available with every online store website on Avoori and enables your clients to book an appointment with you from anywhere in the world. Think of it as your personal assistant, working 24/7 in order to fill your schedule in the easiest and best way possible.

Complete Control Over Your TIme

We make booking appointments a pleasurable process for clients and store owners.


Share Your Availability

With appointments & booking you can publicly display your available hours and allow visitors book, reschedule and cancel appointments or booking events.


Automatic Notifications

Client who booked a time with you get will get a reminder email one day prior to their upcoming meeting. This features saves you time and keep your clients satisfied.


Bookings Calendar

Your online store gets its own calendar to track appointments and booking orders in one place.  This allows you to separate your business calendar from your personal one.


Calendar Sync

Your appointments and bookings can be synced up to your Google Calendar. This way you can have your personal and business appointments in sync in one place.

Integrated to Your Online Store

The appointments and booking integration is working hand in hand with your online store and allows your clients to book time with you and pay for it. Keep your customers & clients happy by always making booking easy for them.


Integrated Payments

Charge clients before or after the meeting took place with the help of your online store. You can also allow to only book a time and pay later.


Online Video Meetings

Your clients can be anywhere, and so can you. Use software such as Zoom or GoToMeeting, and charge for your meetings on your online store.


Before the Meeting

You can make the booking process more personal by adding a questionnaire to ask your clients some questions before the meeting takes place. 



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