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Email Marketing Campaigns

Grow your community and traffic with our email marketing tools. Communicate and connect with your audience with emails and make them feel that you care.

Grow with Beautiful Email Marketing

Your email layout should reflect your website’s design and your overall branding. Stay true to your colors and choose one of our professional designer made email layouts to kickstart your design process.


Responsive Emails

Every email you send will look its best on any device your subscribers open it on. Get used to a beautiful and responsive email platform thats easy to use and automate.


Customer Emails

Take your customers to a private email list after they purchase from you and send them unique promotions to get them coming for more in their future purchases.

Newsletters & Email Automation

A great tool is one you can rely on to do the job when the right time comes. Your audience expects recognition from you so start giving them what they want by using email marketing as a tool. After all, emails are there to help you grow, on any device.


Automation Options

Create welcome emails for new subscribers and automate the process so that each new subscriber receives them. Repeat the process, simple.


Personal Touch

Make your new subscribers feel valued & cared for by personalizing your emails using their names in the subject & body of your email campaign. 



List Management

Grow your subscriber’s list by using opt-in forms on your website or import existing subscribers and manage them under one or separate lists.


Analytics & Open Reports

Learn how email marketing works and how your audience reacts to your emails. Each campaign you send out gets its own analytics panel to give you all the details you need to improve on the next campaign..

Customizable & Flexible

Our layouts are user-friendly and are easy to customize. Start changing your layout according to your needs by dragging and dropping images and logos and changing texts. Create a CTA and bring visitors and clicks.


Looks Sharp on Any Device

A great email is a responsive one, that is why our layouts are super-responsive and will look just as amazing on all types of devices. Laptops, desktops, phones, or tablets, your emails will always look great.


Email Live Preview

Get a live preview of how your email will look when your subscribers open it before sending it for a trial run. Everything you need to ensure your campaigns looks their best.



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