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Hotels & Reservations

Give your customers some flexibility and avoid the 3rd party fees associated with bookings for your property through external platforms. Accept reservations with a professional booking interface right on your website.

Accommodation, Right on Time

Direct on-site bookings, online payments, invoicing all on a beautifully designed website.

Make Reservations, Commission Free

Manage all your reservations using an online booking system, integrated with your online store.


Check-in & Check-Out

Define the check-in and check-out times which will be shown on the product page, cart and order pages.


Booking Duration

Set the rates for overnight days and set reservations that span nights instead of days.


Special Rates

Set special rates for holidays or busy schedules to adjust the price of accommodation according to your rules.


Unlimited Properties

Set as many properties and listings as you need. For each one set their own rules and pricing options.

Everything You Need to Reach Your Clients

With your hotels and accommodation website you get an entire marketing suite which can help you grow your business and keep clients coming back for more, all at the same interface youre already familiar with.


Stunning Templates

Beautiful designs are a great way to attract clients to purchase from you. All our templates can work with hotels and reservations.


Commission Free

Every sale you make on your website, you keep 100% of all the earnings. We dont charge any commission, no matter how many sales you got.


Unlimited Properties

Add as many listings as you need for as many accommodations as you have. We don’t place any limits on the number of bookings.


Multi-language Booking

Your clients come from different time-zones and maybe speak different languages. Your website can be transformed to any of them.


Avoori Newsletters

Reach your newsletter subscribers or past visitors with email campaigns that convince them to come for more.


Invoicing Integrations

Integrate your online store with integrations that help you automatically issue an invoice after each payment request.



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