Point of Sale (POS)

Sell in person with a beautiful POS system integrated into your online store. Every online store is equipped for online and in person sales with a beautiful and convenient interface to match.

Special Hardware Not Required

Discover the fastest way to make a sale on your business. The in person point of sale feature is included with every online store and will give you, as a store owner, additional ways to grow your business without additional contracts or hardware.



Setup as many outlets as you need according to the number of branches or departments you have on your business, and manage everything using a centralized system with a complete user management to match your department structure.



For each outlet you can setup unlimited registers to help your business accept additional checkout locations. Monitor your cash flow, open and close counters, and accept payments anywhere, in person or via self serve registers.

Beautiful & Functional

The point of sale software on your online store allows your business to grow to additional outlets, with unlimited registers working simultaneously while managing global inventory, shipping and marketing requirements all on your single global online store. 



Not sure about your stock when checking out? simply search for your product and get the current stock. Want your register to not have the ability to checkout using products that are out of stock, simply select that option, and the products will not be visible to your registers anywhere.



Manage your clients inside the register or using the integrated CRM. Learn what your clients buy from you and adjust your sales to match. Open guest checkout or choose to save every customer to your online store and have them in sync with your marketing efforts.



The orders screen is available from your online store admin or directly from the register on any of your outlets. Recognize clients by their personal details by searching for them and see their order history on your entire network of stores. Process refunds, cancel orders and make new ones.



Apply shipping information for each order or merge with the customer billing information. Some businesses rely on shipping to make business and this is why the POS is directly integrated with the client shipping information to allow for a streamlined buying experience. Your clients can also check in their account section to check the shipping status using one of our shipping tracking integrations.



Apply constant discounts that you can setup for your single or entire network of stores. These discounts will be quickly processes as part of the checkout process, giving your clients more energy to come back for more.



When adding clients to your online store, you open the possibility to send them newsletter follow up email and persuade them to come back for more. Your online store already includes the Avoori Newsletters system integrated so you can use it to notify your clients of upcoming sales and discounts.



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