Sell Services & Appointments

Sell your services and book appointments with Avoori. Use the same interface to sell any type of product and allow your customers various ways they purchase your services, products or time.

Memberships & Subscriptions

Sell your services in various ways. From virtual products that cover a service you’re offering to recurring services powered by a subscription model.



Offer a recurring product that is offered weekly or monthly to your customers.



Recurring membership or a single membership price. Choose how you activate memberships on your website.

Members Only Email Campaigns

Offer email campaigns your customers can get if they purchased a product or a subscription on your online store.


Single Email Membership

Your clients pay a single fee and get access to your members only email list where they will get unique information from you via Avoori Newsletters for life.


Recurring Email Membership

In this option your clients pay for a monthly or weekly subscription that entitles them access to your email list. As long as the subscription is active they remain in the list.


Expand Your Audience

Avoori newsletters is a great way to attract clients to purchase your services or have them opt-in after they purchase something from your online store. With Avoori newsletters you can send beautiful emails to your mailing list that will stand out in your subscribers inbox. Send them periodic updates about new products, services or let them know how they can book some time with you.

Schedule Appointments

Schedule appointments and sync them with your work or personal calendar. Setup free and busy times, define meeting length and price for each type of appointment.


Free or Paid Appointments

Customers can schedule with you based on the free time zones you have defined on your calendar and at your asking price.


Integration with Your Calendar

Sync the appointments made directly to your calendar and allow your other clients to know when youre busy.


Rescheduling & Cancellations

Customers who purchased an appointment can easily reschedule to a new time or cancel their appointment.


Active Reminders

Your customers with a pending appointment will receive a reminder about their upcoming booked time.



Creating your Website