Sell Unlimited Products

Physical goods, digital products, color variations, file downloads, unique SKUs, size selection – sell anything with Avoori right out of the box. We’re ready for your products. Are you ready to accept sales?

Extensive Integrated CRM

Understand your online business like never before. Track customer activity, loyalty, and trends using unique customer fields and communication channels designed to provide full control over your client activity.

Simple Shipping Settings

Create unlimited shipping options that automatically apply to any product you sell at checkout. Set a flat rate, calculate by weight or offer free shipping, all in sync with preset shipping zones.

Manage Clients, Orders and Conversations, all in one place.

Every Online Store comes with a practical collection of tools designed to help you manage your clients, orders, and conversation history all in one place. Easily customize the integrated CRM solution, designed to help you sell, scale, and succeed. All the tools to run and manage your online store are already there, including shipping options, email campaigns, professional SEO tools and many more. 

Sell Digital & Virtual Products

Sell virtual products and services and offer direct downloads right from the online store customer account section. Alternatively, create a subscription product, get paid monthly and change the downloaded file weekly, monthly or whenever you want.

Collect Donations

Collect single donations or setup a subscription payments service to support your cause. All it takes for your supporters is a few clicks to make a donation on your fundraising page.

Paid Emails & Memberships

Paid premium content is an incredible way to build a closer relationship with your readers. Send subscribers periodic newsletters with the help of Avoori Newsletters or charge access to a closed section on your website, open only for members.



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