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Analytics & SEO Tools

One of the best SEO tools in the market is already integrated on your website, designed to help search engines crawl your website and get it to the top of the search results. The built in Google Analytics integration allows you to see all the traffic information from the console directly on your website so you could analyze and adjust in real time.

Grow Your Search Engine Visibility

The Analytics & SEO toolkit is designed to help your website appear higher on search results and rank better. That is why we’ve made sure to include Analytics & SEO tools tailored for your growth. Research keywords, implement them on your website pages and rank higher.


Mobile Friendly 

Our templates are created in a way that ensures your website is always mobile-friendly. Whether you’re on a laptop, or on a mobile, your website will look just as good.


SSL Secured

Your website automatically comes with an SSL certificate that ensures encryption of information & data from your website to the browser in order to secure your website..


Image Optimization

Search engines and your visitors love fast websites. All media and images you decide to upload to your website will automatically be optimized for fast page load times. 


Transparent Caching

Avoori has a special caching called transparent caching that is automatic and that enables your website to load fast & avoid bugs.

SEO Tools with Built-in Analytics

For the business plan and the online store plan, you get a professional array of SEO tools. Here are some of the tools you can find on your website and some which work behind the scenes.


Keyword Suggestions

A keyword research tool is built in on every post type on your website. So before writing your next masterpiece, its always a good idea to check what keywords you may incorporate in it. 


On-Page Optimization

From custom titles to meta-description information. Control everything search engines need to crawl your website and decide which pages get a “no-follow” tag.


XML/Image/Video Sitemap

The SEO toolkit automatically takes care of your sitemap and maintains it. Your sitemap will always be up-to-date which will enable search engines to crawl your entire website. 


Google Knowledge Graph

Establish your business details with Google and enhance the appearance of your website in search results by confirming some essential information with Google.


Facebook Open Graph

Setup open graph data to allow your website to turn into Facebook graph objects that convert information from your website to Facebook when a page is recommended or liked.


Content Optimization

By entering your keywords on the page or post you’re optimizing you can receive optimization notes with accurate analysis that help your content rank higher.


Google Analytics

Get essential information from your Google Analytics dashboard on the admin side of your website, keeping your information in one place and organized.


Online Store SEO

Access essential settings required to sync your online store with all the SEO tools you need to increase online sales and search engine appearance.


Google My Business

Register your business to appear in important search result queries by listing your business in the google my business listing. You will be able to set all the information to appear on the map.


Structured Data Types

These help search engines determine the type of content they are crawling on your website and place it on the relevant spots on the search result pages.



Organize your content into a proper site structure and display it with the help of breadcrumbs on relevant places on your website for everyone to follow.


Google News

Submit your sitemap to Google News to get featured on the latest news updates online. The sitemap will be automatically updated to make sure everything is up to date.



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